Thursday, November 1, 2012

Multi-Cusine!!! Really?

A few days back we went to the restaurant because of the promise of good steak. As soon as we reached there the first thing I noticed was the section for steak was hidden in the back on the menu, the first few pages had everything from Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese to Italian food.

After starting a restaurant, I understand why this has happened but just think about it a little. If you're going to put that much pressure on the kitchen to produce all this food, will you really be able to do justice? I know customer ask for all this food but they're also the first people to complain if the Chinese food they're eating in a steak house isn't good. This leads to people thinking that the restaurant isn't good even though you're probably putting out great steaks.

Top Tip: Keep your menu simple, I know people coming to the restaurant will ask for everything from biryani to pasta but if you can resist the urge to serve food that I can assure you will be average; people will start coming there for what you're good at and these are the people you want to serve anyway!

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